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What a Ride! June 18, 2010

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As the first week of the UIWP returns to the gate, I can certainly share that it has been years since I last rode a roller coaster. They scare me to death!  I waited at the loading platform for my turn with great anticipation and significant apprehension.  Once I got on, I was ‘forced’ to sign up to Twitter– an institution I have purposely avoided.  Add onto that, the task of blogging… actually writing something out there for others/anyone to read.  I survived those bunny hills, none the less.  I didn’t reach the point of panic until the video interview was assigned on Wednesday.  That hill involved too big of a drop for me.  At that point, I questioned if I was going to jump out of the car (seriously considering the risks) or muster up the courage to stay on.

I’m glad I didn’t jump.  The project, in the end, was my favorite activity of the week.  I anticipate I’ll have many similar revelations over the next three.

I found another highlight was discovering how quickly I came up with things that I HAD to write about… not what I wanted to procrastinate over or make multiple lists about.  Dare I say that these are things that I am aching to write?  My list of things to do is growing each day, though my will to want to share any of my writing is still null.  I’m at a:  this-isn’t-anything-anyone-else-is-going-to-want-to-hear/they-aren’t-my-intended-audience place, so why do I have to bother them with it?  Time will tell if I’m able to make it up that hill.

Summing the week up:  I LOVE my new friends, like to write, and am very excited about all of the new learning.  I would never suggest that you take me on another coaster with a major drop.  My heart can’t take it!  But maybe if I ride some of the milder ones, it would help me get over my fears.


4 Responses to “What a Ride!”

  1. “I’m at a: this-isn’t-anything-anyone-else-is-going-to-want-to-hear/they-aren’t-my-intended-audience place, so why do I have to bother them with it?” This is exactly how I feel about my writing too, Wendy. Even given Yancey’s history, I’m not sure why it should be so anxiety producing. Very glad you survived, and even thrived, on the roller coaster ride!

  2. Libbie Says:

    What a great metaphor for our first week, Wendy. I’m sure it’s been dizzying but the results of your first video efforts are wonderful.

  3. Bob Lindsay Says:

    I love rollercoasters!!! I also like your example- it has been like a rollercoaster. Now, as long as we don’t get stuck in the middle of the ride we will be fine! Bring on those big drops- I know you can handle them Wendy! You have proven yourself!

  4. elizabethuiwp Says:

    WE don’t want to have any technical difficulties either. That roller coaster ride is heading for great things. You really hit it on the head. I liked the picture, too but the imagery was in my mind as i read.
    I am so lucky to be gleaning ideas from you this summer. We picked your brain last summer at Chancellor’s and then lost touch. So I feel very fortunate to hook up with you again and create some wonderful new memories and videos!
    You did an excellent job on the video for Sushie. I am going to pick your brain again on how you did create some of that flash. Way to go, Bagpiper!

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