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My First iMovie Project June 20, 2010

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When asked to produce a video on a colleague’s literacy history, I was fortunate to get a superb subject!  It was very fun taking this small piece of Bridgey’s history and putting it to life.  Goal for next time: a script that will keep me within my time limit and using images with higher video resolution.


5 Responses to “My First iMovie Project”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very interesting!!!

  2. scottfilkins Says:

    I am most impressed by your video, Wendy. I think it’s interesting to contemplate the idea of transferring the idea of voice in writing to voice in writing with video…I wouldn’t have thought of that had your video not had such a clear presence of your careful design and planning imbued throughout it. The good humor and enthusiasm for telling Sushma’s story really come through. I’m going to push myself to think about voice with my second video…if I can get the damned editing software to do what I tell it.

    • soniauiwp Says:

      Your video was fabulous – both the story you told and the way that you told it.

      How do you upload to youtube and embed videos in your blog?

  3. Wendy, I thought your video was fantastic. You were actually an inspiration for my demo!

  4. Dave Stone Says:

    It really is a spectacular video, Wendy. As was made even more clear during our lunch conversation, you are one driven individual! VERY nicely done!

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