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Poems June 25, 2010

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Post your poems from today’s demo here.


6 Responses to “Poems”

  1. rlindsay55 Says:

    Okay, just remember you MADE me write this! (just kidding!)

    Light Fixture
    Rectangular, Bluish
    Diffuse the light
    Small squares all in rows
    make the room look bright

  2. scottfilkins Says:

    After the Barbecue

    Nudging with tiny, tickling choruses,
    A farmyard tiptoes up the belly.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Here’s my poem. Can I say now that I’m a poet?

    Broken Blinds (from the computer lab)

    Scrunched but neat
    Lined up, ready to fall
    A clear plastic rod waits
    I’d pull the string if there were one
    Held in by tape on its left side
    These blinds have seen better days.

  4. hawisher Says:

    Reading poems of barbecue, blinds, and bulbs of light
    Clever, revealing, fun to read, and really just right
    She wonders about marathon writing and the upcoming poems and prose
    All the while hoping for the pleasure of delving into those!

  5. elizabethuiwp Says:

    Hurriedly to school we went while dodging puddles on the way safely protected by our polka dot umbrellas.
    THis was a poem using the words: we went to school

    Long ago I wondered as I observed my grandmother. Would I have one, too? I had her feet and same hip problems “a hitch in my getalong”. She didn’t seem to mind hers.
    my young grandsons lathered shaving cream on their pretend ones to shave like Grandpa. They wiped it off with colorful plastic toy razors.
    Now young adults they are excited about the process of hair removal. They go through lots of shaving cream for those few hairs.
    Me, I’m not so excited about it as I watch my own starting to grow.

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