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While I Was Walking July 2, 2010

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The UIWP Leadership Team provided another wonderful activity this morning.  We went on a writing marathon.  In groups of four, we went out to explore various settings around campus.  Every thirty minutes or so, we would stop, write and share what we had written.  Here is what I had written along the way (in edited order):

(Second Stop:  Beckman’s garden)

I never had any interest in walking around the U of I campus.  When the idea of a writing marathon was mentioned, I was excited about the prospects of traveling to different areas to just write.  Before listening to the details, I started mapping out the places I wanted to go, turning it into a 120 mile, two day trip.  I wanted to visit places familiar—schools, church, grandma’s house, my hometown, my own university.  I felt deflated when I heard that:  1. We would be walking, and 2. We would stay on campus.  I was, once again, being asked to step outside my comfort zone.

I never envisioned the world I have already seen in this short hour I have spent walking and writing.  Taking in the old and the new buildings… all grand in their own right.  I saw beauty in the Boneyard of all things. I have dismissed a whole world.  What a waste.

(First stop:  Union fountain)

The weathervane is pointing east.  Does it always point east?  Is the wind even coming from the west today?  As I watch the crowds go by, some are going north, some are going south.  Freshman orientation.  I’m guessing they are anxious about being here today, touring the campus, preparing their minds for a major life change.  I’m guessing many feel certain of their course, while a few may are wondering if they are going in the right direction.

(and Third– read next entry)


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