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Updated Site September 18, 2010

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My class website has needed to be updated for years. It was created in GoLive, a program replaced by Dreamweaver that you can’t even get anymore. To update my site (that my kids accessed daily), I had to, physically, carry an ancient machine to the home office (from a corner or from the basement) and hook it up to the Internet. It got very old week after week. I researched for other second grade class sites, and realized that many teachers were in the same predicament. They hadn’t done a thing to update their look for 10 years either. A friend suggested that I give iWeb a try. I let go of many things and took the plunge. In one afternoon, the new site was created– from start to finish.  I know!  I can’t believe it either! It was rather fun, and ridiculously easy. Now don’t get too excited. It was, after all, created in one afternoon. A website is often something that reflects the time put forth. I think it is a fair beginning. It is easier to update. For one, I won’t have to haul, or even own, an ancient machine that supports GoLive. I need to find an address that will be reasonable.

I am interested in receiving some feedback, so have at it…

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Memories Recorded September 1, 2010

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