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Think Before You Inquire December 8, 2010

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The bad news:
A stranger answered my knock on the door.  It was rather quiet for one of our get-togethers. “Are there people here?” I asked as I kicked off my shoes into the pile and headed toward the dining room. The young man quietly assured me that there were. Not only was the meeting room full, the meeting was going full-force from, what had to be, an extremely prompt 5:00 p.m. start. It was great to see that Sonia had joined the crew. Becca was there. Haeny was sitting in. I first thought some over-zealous researchers went full-steam-ahead and even brought back-ups. GO UIWP! I quickly set the bacon-wrapped water chestnuts on the buffet, piled my coat in the corner and headed into the room. As I walked across, a young woman presented information on the lack of empirical research on her topic. I managed to get my aching knees to the floor before I realized key players were missing… before I realized for certain what had just happened.
When the opportunity arose, I excused myself from the rest of Sarah’s class’ presentations.
The good news:
Now at home, I might be using this unexpected time to read and inquire, grade and plan; but, instead, have wandered across the keynote, Donalyn Miller, for the NWP annual meeting. I was speechless as she talked of how she hated to write; of how NWP saves teachers. I connected deeply with everything she said, and I imagined many of those she addressed felt the very same way. She DID recognize herself as a writer, so I felt it only fitting to do what writers do.

3 Responses to “Think Before You Inquire”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Love this story. My first thought was “bacon-wrapped water chestnuts”? I need to invite Wendy over. Even if she’s not a writer, goodies like this don’t come along often.

    I need to read Donalyn Miller’s keynote. Unfortunately, I was presenting at NCTE when she spoke.

  2. uiwpwendy Says:


    The NWP put the link on fb this afternoon. I don’t know how to link from this reply section, so I’m sending it the old fashioned way.


  3. Libbie Morley Says:

    Yes, Wendy, she was talking to you. I whispered that to Gail at the time. Past speakers have been bigger names, but we all agreed that having a real teacher with real misgivings was even better.

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