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To: My Audience February 21, 2011

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In my efforts to develop more formal habits of a teacher-researcher, I have been joining die-hard UIWPers in reading Hubbard and Power’s The Art of Classroom Inquiry. It was proposed that each of us would frame a research question, collect data, and report the findings. We met to discuss where we were in the process two week’s ago. I shared a reflection I had written at November’s meeting, being no further along in my project. It reads as follows…

I thought and thought again about how I was going to weasel my way out of this one. My previous commitment to bring snack wasn’t the only reason why I returned. I know I am in a *safe* place, with a group who will accept where I am in the process– even if what means I am no further than I was when I walked out the door in October. I didn’t start my teaching journal like I was excited to do. It was overruled by other “must do”s. As I read the assigned Chapter 3 (just last night), the most profound learning was holding the time to do this as sacred.

Yes, there I sat after three more months. I was no further along in the process. I had generated 11 possible questions (some of them serious possibilities). I just couldn’t commit to one that I felt would be the most meaningful to pursue. It wasn’t until after our February meeting that I discovered why.

While I shared my lack of progress, two teacher-researchers and writers extraordinaire shared their thoughtful framework and plans for their research. Both have something that I’ve heard (and taught my second graders) was important. I just didn’t realize how important until I discovered that I don’t have it: an audience. My peers have an avenue for sharing what they discover. I do not.

I have been open to sharing my experiences as a writer with my students. Upon sharing my dilemma with my students, I never thought that they would offer a solution. Having communicated with Mr. Stone during their study of research, they bought into the hook that he would write about his research for other Science teachers. I tossed out a couple of audience ideas that didn’t excite me too much. They understood that I wasn’t ready for the step of writing for a teacher magazine/journal. An immediate light went off for many in the group. “Why can’t we be your audience?” they asked. My students have been a captured audience for my writing for years, but they’ve never asked to be my audience.

Can I use this invitation to get me thinking forward?


New Toy February 12, 2011

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A resource of a resource has led me to want to try a new resource. Have patience with me as I try to figure this out.) There is much to love this Valentine’s Day. Technology is certainly one of those material things I would list (after my family, “children”, and the idea of world peace). With so much out there, don’t let those near and dear miss out on the best. Take a sticky and share a favorite website, tool, or resource that a teacher shouldn’t live without.

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