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Powerful Diversions June 14, 2011

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I will admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to read Herrington, Hodgeson and Moran’s Teaching the New Writing. I have recently obtained a copy of the book (thanks Libbie), so I will begin as soon as I publish this post. When our group first met to discuss the text, I get the feeling that we went off on many tangents that proved to be just as rich and meaningful to discuss than the book. If I return to a focus of the book, I reiterate a point that I made in the discussion– technology should be happening in our schools, but often it isn’t (at least not to the point of where it can happen with ease and integrity). In many places, it is happening only minimally because of extra efforts to apply for grants to get it there. On top of that, teachers aren’t being trained to use it unless they put forth the extra effort to teach themselves. Until we get to the point of having access, I have to agree with Becca, it is a moot point. Digital composition can happen in a shared setting– large or small group. It is a great opportunity to model. It can be assigned as an option for homework projects. It just can’t realistically be used with independent work at this time. I hope it becomes a priority so we can get it to that point soon!


One Response to “Powerful Diversions”

  1. lizaevans1 Says:

    I agree. I also think that technology is not a salve for teaching. Its just another tool. Sometimes technology interferes as much as helps. Finding really suitable applications of technology is key.

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