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Yancey Revisited June 17, 2011

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When I first read Kathleen Blake Yancey’s “Writing in the 21st Century”, her perspective interested me. Having never historically reflected on reading and writing, it made sense that reading used to be most prevalent– for various reasons. It caused me to pause and reflect on how we might consider making the ever-changing curriculum best meet the needs of our students. Yes, we should consider successful past practice and incorporate them into our classrooms as we integrate more and more technology. It is also an opportune time to look at things that aren’t working. Are the “multiple models” of writing serving our kids well? With so many different things going on, are we allowing our kids or even ourselves to become well-phrased and practiced? There is always something bigger and better to consider. As this often happens with technology, we might miss how this is reflective of what happens outside of technology in some school districts. This led to a blog discussion with Scott of how, as he stated so well, “We’ve taken a primarily additive approach. They need this. And now this. And now this and this. It, indeed, is impossible to teach it all!” It is a good reminder to make wise decisions when planning.


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