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Dang You, Daddy June 19, 2011

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It may seem cruel to pull out a scathing note I wrote my dad on Father’s Day. Instead of bringing up bitter feelings, this 37some-year-old document has brought our family a few laughs over the years. If my story is correct, my sister and I may have been looking forward to some chocolate turtles for a snack that day, only to find out that Dad beat us to them.

I’ve looked at this earliest saved composition of mine through different eyes over the years. This includes insight that I’d struggle with weight issues throughout my life, as well as how I’d have a hard time knowing when to shut up. (Note that I crossed out the ending in order to add a few more thoughts, then ran out of room.) I look through the letter with a teacher lense these days, and am quite enamored with the complexity. It starts on the opposite side…

I wonder if I was intentional with my ‘Dear Daddy’ and plea of how his poor little girl must have been on the brink of starvation. I wonder if I pictured him opening the letter… and WHAM, being shocked by the accusations. My voice depicts that I must have an anticipated that he would deny being a hoglet. Oh, the vengeance of eating the donuts and leaving him with nothing but the crumbs and wax paper! I am intrigued by my use of bold text. I really doubt that is something teachers taught their first graders back then. I noticed that my attention to spelling must have been overruled by my emotions at times– noticing and correcting some mistakes. I wonder if I had a b/d confusion, choosing to consistently write a capital ‘D’ at the beginning of words. It seems that I was fairly secure with my use of punctuation. The isolated “please?” at the top of the page was either an initial attempt, or (by the lack of space at the end) an afterthought to bring him back to see me as an innocent victim– batting my eyelashes for a trip to the store for more turtles.

Whichever lense I choose to use to look at this in the future, I am grateful that my Mom saved it. Have a wonderful day, Daddy. Send Mom go to the store to get you a box of chocolate turtles. You can hog them all to yourself!


One Response to “Dang You, Daddy”

  1. beccawoodard Says:

    What a lovely Father’s Day post, Wendy.

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