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Society’s Obligation: A Collaborative Writing Exercise June 28, 2011

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by Steve and Wendy

Society’s obligation to people like Yolanda is to help as much as possible. Yolanda is working hard to make herself a responsible citizen. For a democratic society to work, that society must help her to become that responsible citizen. Society benefits from helping people who try.

Our society is failing Yolanda. There were 12+ resources or agencies involved in her efforts to better her situation and care for her family. Most were failing her. If society would streamline the process, people like Yolanda could move forward.

A quick reflection of the process that led to the paragraphs above…
I agree with what was posted. Steve and I collaborate well. It helped that we had the same viewpoint. Steve was able to help me funnel the concrete details into a broader view. He is such a writer!


One Response to “Society’s Obligation: A Collaborative Writing Exercise”

  1. rayburnblog Says:

    The process was an interesting one. We had taken different approaches to the question, so we spent time collaborating to meld our two approaches. When we came to the writing part, one of us tended to dictate while the other offered revision in the midst of the composing process.

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