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A Tribute May 6, 2012

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I am from milk breaks and a wooden troll bridge with Mrs. Smith.
I am from notes to a lifelong friend and a cardboard post office with Mrs. Dick.
I am from Mrs. Guay, Miss Maines and Mr. Yeoman; and days of King of the Hill.
I am from recorders, polkas, and Mr. Faucett.

I am from just two accidents and Mr. Sherry, a sewing machine still in use and Mrs. Schwartz, four shirts of the same style/different material and Mrs. Quick, Sean’s extra credit worm brownies and Mr. Henderson.

I am from Mr. Shoaf (& Mrs. Shoaf), lessons too long to list, forever present in my life.

I am from a First Constitutional Convention simulation that has lasted 28 years (and counting) and Mr. Young.
I am from Ms. Geyman. The indirect life lessons on compassion and respect far outlasted the French.

I am from Judy Myers-Walls and Elaine Dolch, whose wisdom and guidance laid a foundation to work with the youngest of learners, especially my own.
I am from Bonnie Armbruster, Gail Hawisher and Sarah McCarthey who have strengthened my skills and enthusiasm for building lifelong readers, writers and thinkers.

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, I thank and honor MY teachers.