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Somewhere June 5, 2012

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The following was created in response to a post on Teacher’s Write, a virtual summer writing camp for teachers and librarians around the world. This generous opportunity is created and organized by Kate Messner. Today’s assignment involved exploring place. It started with a two minute quick write and ended with a more developed draft. You will soon see why I am grateful for day #2 of writing camp.

The quick write…

There’s a flower garden just a bike ride away. It sits at the southern edge of the U of I campus. It has a tiny wooden a-frame structure and is bordered by a picket fence. I’ve driven by it almost every day. I’ve never taken the time to enjoy it. I should.


I hopped on my Elvira Gultch ride (yes, basket and all) and headed west. I wasn’t after a little dog, but a glimpse of a place I had not yet explored. I sit here writifor this morning, hands shielding my face in shame. How long have I lived here and dismissed the beauty tucked away less than a mile from my house?

Beyond a path rippled with morning’s light, the hum of the bees blend with the buzz of the mowers. Beyond the columns of poplars, just past the hedge of yews, city noises hush. The irresistible, sweet scent of tea roses swirls with the old fashioned bouquet of the damask. Stone-cropped steps of a garden grows amongst a grass star pointed with golden coreopsis, scarlet salvia, and waves of white petunias. A baby bunny dashes into an elderberry. His home is impressive, but he’s not interested in having company over today.

A first-Tuesday-at-10:00 siren reminds me of reality. It is time to pedal back home; but I will return for you, my pretty!


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