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Twitter: It’s a Good Thing June 14, 2012

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I get a feeling that some of my UIWP peeps haven’t seen the benefits Twitter can bring. I will admit that I’m a seasonal user. Twitter is mostly a professional space for me. I follow educators (+ Caleb’s dog, who provides fleeting awwww moments from time-to-time).

Just like any writing, I find it hard to do if it doesn’t serve a purpose. So, why did we make you tweet at the close of the day yesterday? Well, your responses were very insightful. It was a quick assessment that showed most of you are on track. Some have discovered the tedious nature that film editing brings. I am a bit worried that no one screamed in frustration. Is the assignment not challenging enough? Is the new generation of fellows beyond using video to compose?  Why is no one in meltdown mode? A heftier assignment might provide more evidence one way or the other.

Back to Twitter… My resurgence in the tweeting world has brought some great opportunities, in addition to keeping in touch with the thoughts, opinions and news of the UIWP. Following a blogger led me to a surreal opportunity to spend a few days with Katie Wood Ray, Ralph Fletcher,  Jim Burke, Donalyn Miller, and more. What is not to love about the idea of soaking in some goodness from your own mentors? I also came across a free virtual summer writing camp that has provided guidance and direction, especially when I needed a jump start to some summer writing.  I get oodles of great book recommendations by following a librarian and other bloggers. My summer reading list grew to over 75 books in just one afternoon.

The list goes on. Just keep an open mind. Give it a chance. It really can be a good thing!


4 Responses to “Twitter: It’s a Good Thing”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Wendy, your use of twitter for quick reflection was one of the favorites that I have seen so far.

  2. tjon Says:

    I see the use, I just worry about my digital footprint.

  3. beccawoodard Says:

    Right on Wendy. I was required to use Twitter for a class, hated it, and promptly ignored it. When we used it at UIWP, and I saw a social purpose, I really started to really dig it. Now I use it to aggregate my news (local and national), find out about opportunities in my communities (Chicago and CU), and to keep in touch with friends and professional networks. Love it.

  4. scottfilkins Says:

    How tweet it is!

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