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Ask an Author June 28, 2012

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This week’s posts are dedicated to summing up my experiences at All Write 2012.

I long for an efficient writing process. The dreamer in me is always interested in hearing how published authors actually accomplish tasks. I get excited hearing stories of how it takes months (and even years), and how it is often a messy course of events. April Pulley Sayer shared her process at this year’s All Write Conference. A writing process might include (in a variety of sequence options):
Being inspired
Taking notes
Writing a rough draft
Seeking expert advice/researching
Sending to multiple publishers (slush pile)
If you hear back: more revising
Discussions with an illustrator
Illustrator begins sketching
More revising
Completing final illustrations

I think sharing her story will provide an authentic lesson for what writers do. I will certainly take her with me into the classroom this year. She also talked about the publishing process for those interested in pursuing their own projects. I will keep this on my to-do list.

If you teach young kids, and haven’t had the time to check out her work, now’s your chance!



3 Responses to “Ask an Author”

  1. Your entry makes me think we should bring in someone like Alice McGinty next year. Local, experienced, very nice and prolific children’s author. Are you familiar with her work?

  2. scottfilkins Says:

    I’m cautious of the word efficient. I think it’s a) a myth and b) the wrong goal in the first place. To me, effective is all that matters. Did the job get done? Then probably everything was in some way necessary.

  3. uiwpwendy Says:

    Okay… so what can I do to make my writing process effective? I would feel better about it if I could write things more efficiently.

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