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Living a Readerly and Writerly Life July 2, 2012

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This week’s posts are dedicated to summing up my experiences at All Write 2012.

How do you follow Ralph Fletcher?

Patrick Allen and Ruth Ayres did, and they did it well. Their message was one of reflecting on the importance of sharing our own reading and writing lives to teach (use of strategies and skills), to model, and to empower. I am convinced that this is key to building lifelong readers and writers. I have become a better reader and writer because others took the time to share their reading and writing lives with me. For me, the session was about recognizing the “monsters in my head” instead of just cursing them and making excuses for any bad reading and writing habits that creep back into my day. I want to walk the walk. It is a constant struggle for balance. Since there are only 24 hours in the day, priorities as always under review.

I am excited about my plan to share more of my life story as a reader and a writer. Having been influenced by Ralph Fletcher and Katie Wood Ray who encouraged us to introduce kids to the author, not the book, I have a few pictures of MY mentors to take with me– for my mentor texts have not taught me nearly as much as the authors who wrote them.

20120701-225504.jpg Patrick Allen and Wendy

20120701-225600.jpg Ruth Ayres and Wendy

(Insert a photo with Scott here. Hurry up, October!)


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  1. Someone is pretty clearly enjoying their conference/visiting with the rock stars experience!

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