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Conferring with Readers July 4, 2012

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This week’s posts are dedicated to summing up my experiences at All Write 2012.

Conferring with individual readers may be the biggest shift that I consider for the fall. I confer with writers. Why don’t I do this with readers? I think I do, just not always one-on-one. I certainly don’t confer with each reader everyday, nor do I confer with each writer on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, time is the biggest factor here. Since I don’t have time to add more and am not ready to abandon guided reading, I feel that I need to explore Plan C.

“Meet with as many kids as you can,” Patrick said, “and let go of the guilt.” It comforted me to hear these words, I just don’t know that I’ll ever be able to do it. For now, he gave me a lot to think about– much of which I could incorporate whether I’m meeting one-on-one or with a small group. I foster an independence in reader attitudes, process, stamina and work ethic. I form relationships. I gather assessment information. None of Patrick’s reasons to confer are different from what I already do. I just feel that I am skimming a surface… when I want go deeper. I am ready to explore a different way to do reading groups. I just haven’t found what that is. One idea of Patrick’s that intrigues me is (if I remember correctly) readers identify something that moves them, reads the section aloud to his or her group (fluency work), and prepares a written reflection to share. I love this idea and am thinking about what that might look like in my second grade classroom. I look forward to reading Patrick’s book, Conferring: The Keystone of Reader’s Workshop this summer. I am hoping it will improve my conferring skills, as well as give me some Reader’s Workshop tips.



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  1. I really enjoyed this series, Wendy. It wasn’t just the content. You are an excellent writer, and it really comes out in pieces like this. You don’t waste words, but are never stingy with them either. VERY nicely done!

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