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100 Things About Me as a Reader July 6, 2012

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Sparked by an idea shared by Franki Sibberson in her session Planning for Minilessons in the Reading Workshop at All Write 2012, I created a list of 100 things about me as a reader. I plan to do this (on a smaller scale) with my kids this fall.

100. My 44-year-old eyes need glasses :(.
99. I prefer to read books on my iPad.
98. I prefer an ecru screen over a white one.
97. I saw great potential in my first enhanced ebook. Text + meta + video = Oh, my!
96. I love picture books.
95. I read a lot of non-fiction, especially about education.
94. I love the predictable text in Caps For Sale.
93. I loved checking out this coffee table book about castles from the library. It was big, had real photos, and showed a lot of gold.
92. I was a Bluebird in first grade. I’m not sure what that meant.
91. I have trouble remembering what I’ve read sometimes, so I reread sections a lot.
90. My sister claims my favorite book was Little Toot when I was young. I didn’t remember Little Toot, so my sister bought me a copy. I still don’t remember it.
89. My favorite book that I (sort of) remember was a story with photographs of real dolls. I just can’t remember the title.
88. I memorized nursery rhymes when I was young, so I’m guessing Mom read them to me a lot.
87. My Grandma is the most voracious reader I know.
86. I am a slow reader.
85. I love to read paintings in an art museum, but I don’t visit them often.
84. I loved The Boxcar Children when I was in school.
83. My favorite book from The Hunger Games series was Catching Fire.
82. I used to pretend I was Emily Elizabeth.
81. I preferred The Hardy Boys over Nancy Drew.
80. I read very few fiction books for pleasure.
79. My favorite kid magazine is My Big Backyard.
78. I used to get Ranger Rick as a kid, but rarely read it.
77. I have never subscribed to a newspaper. My parents always have.
76. I read the news online.
75. I read emails two times a day during the school year.
74. I just paid close to $18 in library late fees.
73. I only check out children’s books from the library.
72. I get a lot of book recommendations from people I follow on Twitter.
71. I loved, loved, LOVED the Steadfast Tin Soldier on my GE Show N Tell Player. What I would give to have that back!
70. My first library card was made of thick manila cardstock. It had a number punched on a tin plate. They fed it through a typewriter to put my name on it.
69. The Bookmobile came to my elementary school in the country.
68. I have to finish the book before I see the movie.
67. I have never seen a movie, then read the book. Wait– except for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
66. I love books that are made from song lyrics.
65. My parents ordered me a set of Funk & Wagnalls Wildlife Encyclopedias and Story of America Cards, so reading materials came through the mail.
64. I loved See Saw book orders when I was young. I still do.
63. I like to read aloud.
62. I loved The Moonstone.
61. I loved Wuthering Heights.
60. I didn’t start keeping a reading log until last summer.
59. I read nutrition labels every time I go to the grocery store.
58. I go back and reread the last three paragraphs when pick a chapter book back up after a break.
57. I am always tempted by the new releases at the book store.
56. I don’t keep my grown up books after I read them. I’d rather give them away so others can read them.
55. I have a hard time sharing my children’s books.
54. I love stories about real animals.
53. When I read in the car, I always get carsick.
52. I don’t think I’ve read more than three books in any series.
51. I miss Pages for All Ages.
50. I don’t get to read all the blogs in my feeder on a regular basis.
49. I have never had a desire to read a graphic novel.
48. I don’t think I could stomach to read some of the classics I had to read in high school.
47. I don’t think I read one book for pleasure in college.
46. I feel proud when I finish a thick book.
45. My parents always ordered coffee table books from Reader’s Digest. I looked at the pictures, but never read much past the captions.
44. Good historical fiction fascinates me.
43. I like to read books with my teenager– even if he doesn’t like to.
42. I love Kate diCamillos use of voice.
41. I always cry when I read The Polar Express.
40. If I buy a book for me, I prefer paperback. If I buy a book for the classroom, I prefer hardcover.
39. Book jackets get in my way when I read.
38. Books on display are simply irresistible.
37. I read more during the summer.
36. I have never belonged to a book club, but would love to.
35. I always ask for a children’s book for Christmas and Birthdays, but I don’t always get one.
34. I’ve seen my Dad read the paper and a magazine, but never a book.
33. I don’t like stopping in the middle of a chapter.
32. I have a goodreads.com account, but I don’t use it.
31. I relied on Cliffs Notes in high school and college.
30. Reading about politics makes my blood pressure rise.
29. I love when kids clap at the end of a good book– just the really good ones, not all of them.
28. I can fall asleep with a book in my hand.
27. My sons first board book, Ba Ba Ha Ha, has kiss marks on it.
26. My bike basket holds a maximum of 16 picture books.
25. I love Chris Van Dusen’s If I Built A Car. I want that car!
24. I learned to read with Dick, Jane and Spot.
23. I wish someone taught me to read like I teach my kids to read.
22. I have never read The Bible cover-to-cover, but have reread the Book of Matthew several times.
21. I don’t dog-ear to mark my place anymore. I used to.
20. I’ve never listened to an a grown up audio book, but I’d like to.
19. I believe that no two people read the same book (Edmund Wilson).
18. My students see that books make me laugh, sigh, wonder, frown, and even cry.
17. I read music, but I don’t memorize it well anymore.
16. When I don’t understand something, I will reread until I do.
15. I enjoy watching read alouds on Tumble Books with my kids.
14. I enjoy the technology that Scholastic News incorporates into its traditional issue.
13. I sneak book purchases, especially during the Scholastic Warehouse Sale time.
12. My bookshelves hold more books that I haven’t read rather than books that I have read.
11. I have friends, family members, and neighbors who have published books.
10. I like to read in my recliner.
9. I read more at night.
8. I read travel reviews before I plan a vacation.
7. If I didn’t love teaching second grade so much, I’d be a librarian.
6. I love going on Writing Marathons. I’d love to go on a Reading Marathon, but never have. Is there such a thing?
5. Reading a book with a good quote can be icing on the cake.
4. My favorite ‘new’ picture book is Grandpa Green by Lane Smith. Yesterday it was Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Tomorrow it will be something else.
3. I love being lost in a good novel.
2. I don’t read as much as I should.
1. I don’t read as much as I want to.


2 Responses to “100 Things About Me as a Reader”

  1. Very nice. Now I know more about you and your parents. I wonder what happened to Dick, Jane and Spot…
    Pause… Found ’em! They’re at Walmart – http://www.walmart.com/ip/2226623?adid=22222222227009766384&wmlspartner=wlpa&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=&wl3=15707162710&wl4=&wl5=pla&veh=sem .

  2. uiwpwendy Says:

    You read my mind!

    I tried to put this in Wordle, but forgot it won’t work on iPad. I’ll have to play with it when I get home.

    Now on to start 100 things about me as a writer!

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