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100 Things About Me as a Writer July 11, 2012

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So, this list comes as no surprise. I am glad I went through with the idea. I have a lot to share with my students about my writing life, and much of it shows my struggles. I see this list as something I can share with them throughout the year, not all at once. After I model a small sample, I thought they could start a list of 3-5 and add to it throughout the year. I am excited about the plan for this new addition to our writer’s notebooks. I promise to be done with my 100 lists!

100. I am a writer.
99. It took a lot of extra work before those words would come out of my mouth.
98. I have always thought of my kids as writers.
97. I write a good deal on my iPad– without the extra keyboard. I like the convenience.
96. I start a new writer’s notebook each year. They always end with more empty pages than filled.
95. The last college paper I wrote was 17 pages long.
94. I am a better writer because of the University of Illinois Writing Project.
93. I think sharing a piece of writing is brave. I’ve never had a student who wasn’t brave.
92. My writing process often frustrates me.
91. It takes a long time for me to write something.
90. I enjoy making movies in iMovie. Making movies is writing.
89. I keep a gratitude journal.
88. My mom saved a letter I wrote to my Dad when I was five. I was mad at him for eating all of the candy. The letter still makes us laugh.
87. My grandmother has always had the most beautiful, elaborate cursive. It was better than writing on a birthday cake. Her 95 year old hands are a little shaky these days.
86. My Dad is a horrible speller. I save his writing because it makes me laugh.
85. My grandfather was quite artistic. I wish he were around so we could work on a book project together.
84. My husband is an artist. I hope one day we can get our act in gear and create a book together.
83. I love making lists.
82. I wrote a lot of letters when I was a kid.
81. I bet I can count on my fingers how many letters I’ve mailed in the past ten years. I email or Skype instead.
80. When writing for pleasure, I like to write in the morning or in the middle of the night.
79. I’m certain I didn’t compose anything in early elementary. I traced dotted lines and I copied.
78. I love to go on writing marathons, even when I don’t have anything to write about.
77. I enjoy doing podcasts with my kids. Podcasting is writing.
76. I have started 5 different blogs, but have only half-way kept up with one.
75. I get extremely careless when I try to write when I am tired.
74. I keep a list of ideas of what to write about.
73. When I am looking for ideas to add to my list, I think of places that are important to me.
72. I do not like extra fine tips when I use a pen.
71. I taught calligraphy at vacation bible school one year.
70. I did most of my writing for pleasure in high school.
69. I loved writing romance/fantasy back then. I think I would have classified the stories under realistic fiction, even if they weren’t so ‘realistic’.
68. I spent many a Sunday church service writing stories on the church bulletin with pew pencils, and believe that I have been forgiven for doing so. At least I’ve prayed for it.
67. It it 11:20 on a Saturday morning. I am still in my jammies… in bed… writing.
66. Big writing projects make me panic.
65. I have avoided going back to school partly because I know I’ll have to write.
64. I have many peers who nudge me to get past the bad voices in my writing head. They are very dear to me.
63. My husband gave me an Anne Geddes journal when he found out I was pregnant. I didn’t write in it near enough, but am glad that I wrote at least a little.
62. Santa always left thank you notes for Drake’s milk and cookies.
61. I used to write a weekly class newsletter. This last year I wrote once a month.
60. Sometimes I write for myself, but it is so much easier to write when I know I’ll have an audience.
59. I have drafted a children’s book about how bagpipes are made.
58. I wish I had my first diary. You know… the one with the metal key? I wonder if it still smells like Loves Baby Soft.
57. I enjoy photography, but feel that a lack of decent equipment hinders my ability. Photography is writing.
56. I love making books on Shutterfly. So far I have completed 7.
55. I stole bad poetry in high school, and changed it to make it even worse. Julie recently reminded me of that.
54. When I scrapbook, I save the journaling for last.
53. I prefer to type the entries I put in Drake’s scrapbooks. It looks better.
52. I scribble out my mistakes, not just with one line.
51. I get excited when someone retweets one of my tweets, or comments on my blog or fb posts.
50. I am currently searching for a new class website idea. Creating a class website is writing.
49. I have a lump on the tip of my right pointer finger. I think it might be a callus from writing. Sometimes it feels tender.
48. I write with my right hand.
47. It appears that I type with 7- 8 fingers these days. No thumbs, very little right pinky.
46. I have learned to be a better writer by teaching it.
45. My kid’s writings fill me with awe. I wish I wrote like that when I was in school.
44. I write more about things that make me happy than things that make me sad.
43. I had good intentions when I signed up for an online summer camp, but the prompts were not geared toward my genre. I wrote on my own instead.
42. I like to write about family history.
41. I have friends, family members, and neighbors who have published books.
40. I believe that good readers might not be strong writers, but good writers are always strong readers.
39. Writing helps me to learn.
38. I don’t read my writing out loud much. I mouth the words. I don’t like hearing others read it either.
37. I enjoy hearing others talk about their writing process.
36. I am grateful to others who offer suggestions for how to improve my writing.
35. I used to research with encylopedias and borrowed books. Now I research online.
34. I write more narrative and poetry for pleasure, and nonfiction for work or school.
33. I consider myself to be extra thorough, a bit compulsive, when researching a topic I have to write about.
32. I have called in sick to meet a writing deadline.
31. I procrastinate starting writing projects that will require extensive time.
30. I do not like to write fiction, but I love to read it.
29. I used to write homework assignments for my 3-year-old cousin.
28. One birthday, my friends and I wrote and performed a puppet show. I don’t remember what it was about.
27. I still have a poem my 5th grade teacher wrote about each classmate. It is on ditto paper. It doesn’t smell anymore, but I remember what it used to smell like.
26. I have a hard time writing in beautiful journals.
25. I don’t like to write on blank paper. My text always slants down.
24. I love the feel of Moleskins, but I never look back at what I write in them.
23. I am totally fine with misspelling words when I write in front of my students. I pretend that it is empowering for them to see me do my best and fail. Maybe it even is.
22. I love it when my writing makes people laugh.
21. I hate sharing my writing with people who are smarter than I am.
20. I think my weakest writing genre is persuasive, but I have to teach it more this year.
19. I think I dislike teaching how to write in a genre that I don’t know how to do.
18. I think Lucy Calkins is the one person who has taught me the most about being a writer, and about being a writing teacher.
17. When I finally get feel productive, I don’t like to stop– not even to eat and drink. I get extra grumpy when I don’t eat.
16. I’ve stayed up all night to meet a writing deadline. I get extra grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep.
15. I never had to copy 100 “I will not be bad in class.” sentences, but I have friends who have.
14. I am most jealous of those who can write a song. I want to stir someone like the songwriters who have moved me.
13. I love to write about upcoming trips. Planning vacations is writing.
12. I love the sound of someone who types fluently on a typewriter.
11. Facebook is my personal writing space and Twitter is my professional space, but sometimes the two paths cross.
10. The word I mistype the most is ‘and’.
9. My writing is guaranteed to have mistakes if I don’t read through it to edit at least twice. (You can easily find which blog posts I published without rereading.)
8. Sometimes I send tweets or an instant message to someone who is in the same room.
7. I’ve raised a child who would rather dialogue about tough situations through writing than talking.
6. I have to fight the monsters in my head that tell me that writing is hard.
5. I love to look at Korean writing. I can’t read it, but it sure is beautiful.
4. I don’t like to write at a table. I’d rather have my feet up.
3. The first time any of my writing was seen publicly on the internet wasn’t until 2002.
2. I get such a rush when I finish a big writing project.
1. Though I will now admit that I am a writer, I won’t admit that my writing is good or bad– and I’m okay with that.


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  1. Judith Pece Says:

    Oh, Wendy. I love this. Love’s Baby Soft. I can smell your writing! I feel younger already. 🙂

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