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Missing Lucy July 24, 2012

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I wish I had that picnic quilt we spilt tea on
Or the little tupperware mug it poured from.
I wish I had just one letter I mailed to you
From Mrs. Dick’s refrigerator box post office.
I wish I had that two headed monster tee
Or maybe an ornament from the year we went as Christmas trees–
One of those plain satin golden balls.
I wish I had all of those girl scout badges
I’m *certain* we earned.
I wish I had my Star Wars lunch box
And I’m jealous that you still have yours.
I wish I had a rock from the field–
Just one of the several collected.
Just one more rabbit dinner?
Just one more swim in the horse trough??


7 Responses to “Missing Lucy”

  1. You had many adventures with your friend. I enjoyed traveling through your memories. How great that you are still friends.

  2. You make me long for childhood. Wonderful images.

  3. pamelahodges Says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, Just one, Just one, Just one more.
    Oh, I loved this short little memory post. I wished for just one more memory. It was so full of feeling and loss and regret. Sensitive and powerful

  4. This is simply beautiful. I love the nostalgia, and your showing of the heart-rending need to go back to that time.

  5. I loved those days with best friends and really see the setting in your piece

  6. The memories you chose to list are vivid and capture your friendship.

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