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Wide Awake July 31, 2012

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“You want to hear the new song I’m working on?” you asked, peeking around the corner. I was exhausted and tucked in bed, but of course I wanted to hear the new song you’ve been working on. What mother would refuse a 14-year-old’s offer to spend time together?

You lulled me toward slumber ballad after ballad. I appreciate that you thought of your audience and omitted the songs in your rotation that involve screams and growls. Is that wrong? During a pause between tunes I inquired about some of my new favorites– Imagine Dragons, the new Green Day and Killers. You seemed interested, so we looked them up. One by one you worked through them, improving with each practice.

You have a habit of shying away from being the slighted bit vulnerable, or at least I thought you did. I know when you reach a level of discomfort. You start texting me instead of talking– even when I’m an arm’s length away. You’ll write about it; you just won’t talk about it. You sat at the edge of the bed and texted to ask if I was interested in hearing some songs you wrote. I was growing more tired with each hour, but of course I wanted to hear the songs you wrote. What mother would refuse a 14-year-old’s offer to spend time together?

I am so glad you sent that text.

I’m guessing that you didn’t see me cry that night. I cried because you were shared yourself with me. I cried because I learned that you have been composing your own songs. I cried because your lyrics moved me. I loved that these songs sounded familiar. I thought they were from one of the many bands you like to listen to. You told me that you’ve shared your lyrics with others and they have given you feedback. I loved hearing that you are taking risks to share your writing with others. You seem so pumped about their comments.

12:30 came and went. So did 1:30. And even 2:30. We talked. We listened. We laughed. We learned. We sang. We loved. This mom would never refuse that. Not for exhaustion. Not for anything.


One Response to “Wide Awake”

  1. How awesome that you were so giving (as most moms are) of your time! Kids are not aware until they get older of all the sacrifices mothers make, but when it’s for your kids it’s worth every second!

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