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Content Area Literacy June 26, 2013

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In her session Content Area Literacy is about More than Nonfiction Reading!, Jennifer Serravallo led a group of teachers to make deeper connections through reading, writing and science. I’ll be the first to admit that I need to continue to work hard to integrate reading and writing across the curriculum, but I was feeling pretty good about the work I have done. I bring content into reading and writing lessons when it makes sense, and certainly teach reading and writing during science, social studies and math. But Serravallo was suggesting more. She called us to “consider what we believe about teaching literacy, and bring it into the teaching of science (or any other content area). She challenged us to bring the workshop approach into science. What would
choice, engagement, working within Vygotksy’s Zone of Proximal Development, stamina, etc. look like?

This may be the biggest idea that I walk away from the conference with. I’m certain that my district isn’t ready for this. I’m uncertain about what it would look like in my day, but it is something that I want to sit with and give more thought to.

Serravallo also led us through an activity of ‘reading’ an exquisite BBC video to try some of the approaches we tend to use more with reading and writing– teaching vocabulary, inferring, questioning, and identifying main ideas from key details. I feel some of her anchor charts would be something I would like to try this year as well.


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