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#pb10for10 August 8, 2013

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For the past four years, teachers, librarians, and parents (aka Book Lovers) from near and far have participated in an event called Picture Book 10 for 10 via hosts Mandy Robek at Enjoy and Embrace Learning and Cathy Mere at Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning Community. Each August 10th, participants share a list of 10 picture books they simply can’t live without. This is no small feat. I thought I would just focus on a category (10 of my favorite biographies, 10 books that build character, 10 books that will make my kids laugh out loud, etc.). I failed that task. I was not only torn between themes, but by the books that would be left out if I were to take that route. Below are 10 I pulled from my stacks for 2013. Just because.

Click on each book for author/illustrator/publisher information.

20130808-231001.jpg …because I’ll have kids who love fractured fairy tales.

20130808-231332.jpg …because I’ll have kids who love animals, especially ferocious ones!

20130808-231623.jpg …because I’ll have kids who will fall in love with Mr. Magee and Chris van Dusen’s craft.

20130808-232102.jpg …because I’ll have kids who looove to use exclamation marks in their writing!!!!!!!!!

20130808-232240.jpg …because I’ll have kiddos who love to blurt out answers.

20130808-232751.jpg …because I’ll have kids who will love reading about a unique cow who, when milked, gives ice cream. Blimey! Who wouldn’t?

20130808-233100.jpg …because my kids will love seeing how pictures can hold more meaning than words.

20130808-233254.jpg …because I’ll have kids who will love hearing my cranky voice when I read this aloud.

20130808-233711.jpg …because I’ll have kids who love math.

20130809-120412.jpg …just because I love everything about this book.

Each book holds a multitude of teaching points that I’ve chosen not to get into for this event. (We’ve got many #pb110for10 lists to read today!) The most important outcome is this:

It will be impossible to be in my classroom and not love to read and write, thanks to these great books and more.

I can’t wait to get the year started!


7 Responses to “#pb10for10”

  1. I’m am unfamiliar with many of these books, but I’ll be sure to find them. Thanks for the list!

  2. So happy to see another member of the Amy Krouse Rosenthal Fan Club! Definitely had to have it on my list as well.

  3. Cathy Says:

    I love your list….because there are so many great titles.


  4. Michael Cahill Says:

    Wonderful… Just reading your reasons for each title gets me excited to start the school year! Yes… picking ten is hard but I have a top 5 list that I read to every class…

  5. michelle Says:

    love your list…just because it was perfectly to the point. I am also thrilled to find some new books we hadn’t heard of. Thanks!!

  6. […] I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing them yet. I’m not abandoning the books from past lists, I’m just expanding my collection of treasures that I simply can’t live […]

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