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UIWP 2014 June 17, 2014

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I ran into one of ‘my parents’ this morning. She had just dropped off her son for his first day of Reading Clinic. Both of us are lucky to have the University of Illinois in our backyards. He is going to get some excellent support in building his reading skills and I have an opportunity to reenergize and refuel my professional life. I will spend the next 14 days with a group of teachers who have come together to grow their practice around teaching writing. My goals for this summer are to provide everyone with a comfortable environment to stretch their thinking and reestablish habits for sustained reading and writing. Above all, I hope to add to the network that shares and supports as we all work toward a common goal. (It would be exciting to drop-in on my friend and read with him.)

UIWP 2014 here we go!



One Response to “UIWP 2014”

  1. Mary Biddle Says:

    Sounds like UIWP is off to a great start! I’m enjoying seeing the blogs start to pop up. 🙂

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