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Found June 23, 2014

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In this morning’s demonstration, Elizabeth led us to choose a piece of writing and identify 20 important words or phrases. I selected my first blog post— a reflection on my earliest days as a UIWP fellow in 2010. I used the list to generate the following found poem

Project is underway
Honored disguise
I don’t like to write
Lifelong laborious chore
Lack confidence
Want to enjoy
Get beyond
In the company of talented educators

I’m guessing that having a shared experience made it easy for Karla (my partner) to pull out the intended meaning, which would be the same as my post. I think it would be interesting to use the list with a different lense to try to create something unconnected. I’ll think on that.


One Response to “Found”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Wendy! What a great poem that speaks to so many. I definitely empathize with the feelings in your poem. I think we all have looked at writing at one point or another in our lives as a “Lifelong laborious chore.” But! We think of it as lifelong because at the same time, it means something to all of us and we recognize the importance of it. Thanks for sharing!

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