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2014 #pb10for10 August 10, 2014

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For the past five years, teachers, librarians, and parents (aka Book Lovers) from near and far have participated in an event called Picture Book 10 for 10 via hosts Mandy Robek at Enjoy and Embrace Learning and Cathy Mere at Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning Community. Each August 10th, participants share the titles 10 favorite picture books.


What’s the story behind the stories for this year? They are not organized into any theme other than they are ‘new’ (to me) and I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing them yet. I’m not abandoning the books from past lists, I’m just expanding my collection of treasures that I simply can’t live without.



ittybittycoverWe have a new space at school to look forward to, thanks to some serious summer renovations. Itty Bitty will open our discussion of what we might need to make our classroom space comfortable and just right for us. It’ll be the start for more Cece Bell goodness later on in the year.


beingwendy No one told me Fran Drescher wrote a book about me. I’m moving beyond a bit of cheesiness that this book brings to enjoy the message of breaking the mold and being who you want to be.


thepromise I have always been particularly fond of how brilliantly Nicola Davies blends fiction into her nonfiction.  No one had to twist my arm to check out her new fiction. It is a lovely book that tugs at my heart. I’ll be saving this one until later on in the year. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to engage in an important discussion that will, without doubt, occur. This is one of those, “So, what are you thinking?” books.


jacquescousteau The story + the stunning art + the cleverly placed quotes = a win, win for book lovers + ocean lovers everywhere. Yay, Yaccarino!


hankfindsI love watching how Hank perseveres to problem solve, and how kindness wins and WINS BIG. This is an adorable wordless picture book and I’m thrilled that Rebecca Dudley is bringing Hank back for another story.


thisistherope Jacqueline Woodson brings us to reflect on such important themes. Most of my kids will be just out of reach for her upcoming Brown Girl Dreaming, but this (as well as her other picture books) will plant the seed for what’s to come.


thisisamoose I plan to use this gem for many purposes. It serves as a mentor text to show how dialogue can be an entertaining way to tell a story. It tells the journey of how a film director (writer) revises. It also serves as a good introductory text to the genre of film making should we feel like traveling down that road. It also tells a fun story about dreaming big.


best foot Yes, I know this isn’t a “story” that I proclaimed in my introduction, but I simply couldn’t resist. Ingo Ardt’s photographs of various animal feet show detail of function and design that I never knew existed. There is something so genuine about using the same text to learn alongside the kids.


girlandthebicycle I can’t think of a book with characters who have a more generous spirit than in this Mark Pett masterpiece. I can’t get through this one without tearing up.


mostmagnificantthing We’ve all felt the disappointment of having a vision that wasn’t realized. I love how Ashley Spires turns this common experience into a tale of persistance, problem solving and acceptance.


Let the year begin!